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Jess Brown Design - work shirt
I'm so excited to have the Jess Brown Spring 2016 collection in-store. I remember when I saw the collection back in September and I thought... hhhmmm can I just get it ALL for my store! Her things are really my favorite - they are the kind of things I wear, and wear and wear. Jess is the epitome of that Northern California girl (I should be pc and say 'woman' but if you know Jess she is so tiny, the word 'girl' just seems right) - she is wise beyond her years and she took the slow route to making her things so covetable that we all fail to see how we could live without her in our life.

caftan tunic - I have so many of these and I literally live in them!
We are both flea market shoppers but I bet if we went to a flea market together we would come out with different things, I 'think' she would love my and I KNOW I would love hers. But I can see this in each one of the pieces in her collection. The studied way that she makes her garments, they are to keep forever and to live in for life!

work shirt - havana blue

In this Spring collection I chose to focus on a couple of fabrics that I felt were new and unique. They are soft, the perfect weight and have what I am looking for -- clothing for life.

henley dress - havana blue
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