photo by Amber Mahoney

For those of you who have never heard of Reiki this story in the Standard blog is a good introduction - it's from an article by Alex Waxman, and for those of you who have heard about it but may be skeptical this is a good story as well. I had heard of Reiki, always wanted to try it - but I didn't really take it seriously. Sometimes we get stuck in our own healing modalities and forget that it's good to be open to all things, you never know what it is that will work for you or your situation or ailment. I have a few friends who do Reiki, but these people in general are not the kind of people to really force themselves on you - it's think it's really part of the soul and the stillness of Reiki and it's practitioners.

It all started for me when we had some people over for dinner, one of my friends knew that my dog was sick (his kidenys were failing) - towards the end he was good on some days and then some days he would just not eat and was listless. I noticed that she took my dog aside and was sitting with him and I knew what she was doing, it hadn't occurred to me to ask her to do Reiki but she knew just what to do. She spent some time with him and he bounced back in the most amazing way! He did great up until his last days - I would text her when I could see that he needed it and she would immediately bring him comfort. The fact that it works on an innocent animal like my dog, makes be believe wholeheartedly in Reiki.

Today when I saw this story on Reiki, I thought it gave such a good explanation of the practice and it's benefits. I haven't had the chance yet to have Reiki on myself but I am excited for that day when I do make it happen. In the meantime, read this and get familiar with it and I am sure you will find a way to use it in your life too!

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