We are excited to announce that we have a new store space! It's been awhile since I have had an on-the-ground store and I'm excited again. I know this may seem silly to say but in our particular little town we may have been a bit ahead of our our time when we opened out store in 2006. We had a great time and I always get comments about how much our store was missed, but to be honest it was hard to keep up with one the ground and online. But so much has changed and I was always on the look out for a nice space but nothing ever presented itself - until a friend of mine texted me a photo of the 'for rent' sign at our new location. It's just PERFECT - I couldn't be happier.

We will keep the space simple, but it will be much easier to keep everyone more updated on what is new, we will have a good selection of our 'flea market' items (I know that they are a huge hit as they never last long), and it's a good chance to show off our love for everything from baby - kids - women - men - apothocary - home and more! We will also feature things from the locals here and I am going to keep up my pottery work - so there's that too!

Keep tuning in (or better yet follow us on Instagram) for updates on how the renovation is going and how the space is taking shape... can't WAIT! and don't worry -- we will keep shipping orders all the way through without interruption!

Hope to see you soon in our new Store!