this is what you find...

my feet are in there for size reference
Rooting through my husbands studio I found these small paintings! I'm not going to tell you that I don't LOVE his work, because sometimes I don't. But I am completey and totally in LOVE with these!

His portrait-type work (that is some serious art-lingo) are my favorite! He jokes with me that I always ask him to paint the way he did when I first met him in San Francisco almost 20 years ago! I remember walking into his show after I had met him and we had gone out for a few weeks. I had never seen his work, and driving to the show I was thinking "oh my god, what if I hate his work!" When I walked into the Diego Rivera gallery at the Art Institute where is was working on his Masters in Fine Art, I almost started to cry, never had art looked so beautiful.

And today, I found these... "Amazing!" I yelled - "these are amazing!" Alas they will go off to Art Miami in just a few weeks. But I am enjoying them now. I just wanted to share them with you so you can enjoy them too.. for just a few weeks!

Karim Hamid he shows with Aureus Contemporary