If it's black... I'll take it!

I don't know about you but if it's black, I know I will use it. It even follows through with kids, I think my kids look great in black, which isn't a color most people would think looks great on kids but it DOES!

These are some of my Favorite black items at the moment:

clare vivier gosee bag (w/strap or as clutch)

atsuyo et akiko castle (or there is a pirate sweatshirt too!)
ryan roche fringe sweater
sandqvist hedda small backpack
rustic black cashmere scarf
melissa joy manning raw black tourmaline earrings
melissa joy manning oxidized silver/gold horseshoe ncklace
erica tanove shag pillow
my pottery... salt and pepper 'shakers'

This list could go on!! maybe someone who is so in love with black shouldn't have a store... but I think there are so many of us... it's a good idea!


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