New :: Jess Brown dolls just arrived!

This is my favorite time when the new Jess Brown dolls come in!! I immediately call a few of a my friends that I know go crazy for them and let them know to start thinking about a new doll. Unpacking them... you have NO idea! Each doll is carefully wrapped and opening them up is so exciting - I like to do it with Franny, she usually wants them all and can never decide. We like to take a photo of her with all the dolls -- and honestly I make her wait so that YOU have first choice! (it's only fair right)

Most of you know the story of the Jess Brown doll told very famously in the pages of all of our favorite magazines, including Martha Stewart Living. What I like about them is that no two are ever alike, and did you know that jess likes to create the face of each doll herself! She has an amazing artists hand and it comes out in her combinations, her slight tilt of the eye, pucker of the lips... they are all so very unique.

This season there are some very special collaborations with Wovenplay and Atsuyo et Akiko, her Fall 2014 dolls each have their special touches of fur, herringbone and tweed. The gypsy doll is my favorite! and we have only ONE of the *Coco* dolls, which would make such a sweet gift together with the Kiki and Coco book!

This is it for the Holiday season too... so if you are planning on making this your holiday gift make your decisions now!

Thank you Jess for making these lovely dolls, each unique, by hand and with *LOVE*

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