ryan roche :: finalist in CFDA's fashion fund

Congratulations to Ryan Roche for being a finalist in the CFDA's Vogue fashion fund!  Way to go RYAN! Ryan is amazing, for one thing... I don't know any designer who has won an award by sticking to one color! talk about breaking barriers... her collection of air-light soft cashmere knits is a fresh approach, giving 7th avenue a 1-2 punch of artistry and beauty. We are lucky enough to have some of her pieces in the shop or see her entire collection on her website here.

I stuck with the pieces that sang to my practicality but there are so many amazing pieces in the collection. The scarves are something you can't live without really.... Light and soft and easy to wear for everything with a gorgeous touch and we also have some of the sweaters too - don't miss them!

shop the collection on Nonchalantmom here