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It's been a long time since I have shared my daily antics when it comes to my routine. But being a crazy fanatic about products and creams, etc.. is what brought me to have my store so be thankful! My sister and I could not be more different when it comes to this kind of thing, she could care less. I can't even think of getting into bed without cleaning my face, brushing my teeth etc... The morning is the same, since I was in high school and had pimples I had to brush my teeth before I got in the shower or... I would get pimples! (I swear it worked! I rarely had a pimple) - that and my secret remedy for pimples; Aveda infusion for oily/acne (I think they still sell this in their stores but not online), put it on at night and wake up and they are GONE.

Enough about pimples (plus I haven't had one in years!) and onto more important things... You get the message, I am a constant beauty 'guinea pig' - my parameters is that it has to be natural, clean, sometimes organic, few ingredients and these days I like things that are made local (but if something works, I might let this rule fly). I have used Dr. Hauschka since I was 18 years old, I have always loved it and I always come back to it. In fact, there is something about it when I stray from using it for a year or two and then come back it it, WHOA! it works even BETTER. But right now I am in a cycle of other products, oh, and another parameter I don't want to have to go into a department store to buy it - I never go into department stores and I would like to keep it that way! If it's available in a health food store... I am SET!

My biggest new favorite is Aesop, I have been a fan of their products for a few years now, ever since my friends at Turpan carried their creams. It's one of my favorite stores to go into because it smells so great AND they love it when you try everything (which I do!). It is not entirely 100% natural, but hey... I'm getting older and sometimes I need some help. It's possible that they are masking malicious chemicals behind the best most gorgeous packaging, products and an amazing website - but I don't really think so, I trust them (if you sign up for ONE emailer blast besides MINE you should request this one.. it's filled with super information and I just love it!). My new favorite product by them is this Purifying Facial Cleanser I use it twice a week and feel totally and completely radiant afterwards. I have it photographed with the Kiehls Midnight Facial Oil which is probably not new to you and you are probably already using it, if not, it's great! delicious scent to go to bed with (on your face).

Let's now talk about Coconut oil, I must confess, I haven't spoken about it before but have been using it for YEARS! Secretly I was formulating a product to sell that I made, but I just can't do everything I think I can or want to, so this had to fall by the wayside (contact me if you want to do this!). Besides, I think it's truly best in it's plain old Coconut Oil form and why mess with something perfect. Do you already use it in the kitchen? GREAT, now slather it all over your face, body and hair! Thank me later :) You can use Virgin Oil de Coco Creme or Extra Virgin Coconut oil but just make sure it's Organic, take the extra splurge, this is a place to do it. You will just buy this in your local Health Food Store, try different kinds and see what you like best (and don't pay more than $20 for a big jar!). Coconut Oil has so many properties that you will love, not only it's amazing natural scent but it also has antiseptic properties as well (this could obviously be a whole separate blog and I think I will do so but for now, just do it and start using it for everything!) It's great for "oil pulling" because the flavor won't make you gag like some oils. AND there is nothing better for kids and baby, NO harmful chemicals to worry about - it's just Coconut oil pure and simple! (the one above is made by a local Rhode Island company, that's why I use it, it's terrific though, nice and easy jar to use also).

If you know me you will probably say, "Carina, why the heck would I follow your make-up tips you never wear any make up!" I will respond by saying, if I was stuck on a deserted island I would want my RMS Beauty (Rose-Marie Swift) - UNcover up #22 and Buriti Bronzer (and maybe a jar of coconut oil!). I love her products, because I can cleanse my face with a "polisher" like the Aesop cleanser and I would never want to put something on my face with any kids of chemicals, so I turn to Coconut Oil and RMS Beauty. You could actually EAT her products they are so clean... I love them and I would look older without them, let's just say that... and the Bronzer, I think of Bo Derek every time I put it on, it's super natural looking and just gives you a clean and natural glow! If I go out at night I might use the living luminizer but I think that's more for the younger set. (see my previous RMS beauty blogs here including my interview with her back in 2010)

I have recently added the Jao products to my repertoire, I love them for their versatility - I use them for everything and perfect for travel, kids, hair, body etc.. The scent is amazing and brings you to a relaxed and beautiful place every time I use them. I was putting some Goe Oil on today and my daughter came in and said, "Is that the stuff we used in Florida when I had a sunburn and it felt SO good?" and I said YES :) - side note, my daughter gets a rash from everything which is great because I can never cheat with her skin and we slathered this one every day in Florida for her sunburn and after to soothe her dry skin. I love it on my hair and skin too.

I keep the Olio e Sasso (they recently changed their name to Olio e Osso, same product new name) lip and face balm in my bag, I keep one with color for my lips and the clear for a balm for my hands and for the kids quick touch-up for dry skin, you know when you are dropping your kids off at school and you look and they have white dry skin all around their mouth... what the heck! slide on some clear balm and they are set to GO! I use them for everything from cuticles, hands, face... etc.. and the applicator, I think I am equal parts addicted to the applicator as I am to the balm! It feels OH so good!

There you GO all my current obsessions and tips in one handy blog!

My last tip... if you have dry brittle hair from being a blonde as long as I have... you need Aveda Dry Remedy daily oil, you will not believe it... instant calming of the frizz!