who knew? tea with leaves

we are starting a new section called "who knew?" - I was having dinner with a friend and we just started to laugh about this... so I thought it would be a good section on my blog... don't YOU? The idea is that if you click on "who knew?" you can be enlightened to a plethora of new ideas! AND if you have an idea yourself -- by all means, send it to me!! I KNOW I'm not the only one with them... ha!

Today we are suggesting Tea with Leaves... we mostly do this before we go to bed at night but really it can be for ANYTIME. Our favorites are mint, sage and ginger (well that's not a leave but same idea) but there are SO many!

take a few leaves and add to a cup of boiling water - that's it! (if we have a dinner party we make a pot of mint or sage tea) - how simple is that... it's a delicious way to end the day ANd you have some benefits...

mint - for digestion
ginger - keeps you warm and digestion
sage - astringent and relaxing
parsley - refreshing

there are SO many more... I was just reading about rosemary to help memory... I need to give this a try! Sage has a host of benefits really... the list is long.. it's quite potent so go light on the leaves.

quite often I give my daughter a sip of camomile tea before she goes to bed or if she is having trouble getting to sleep (she is SUCH a night owl) and it's almost like a sedative... bang! she's in bed sleeping after just a SIP!

some herbs can have very strong results so make sure you check on each one before you begin a new leave tea...you never know... who knew!?