NEW :: Clare Vivier!

The Clare Vivier Simple Tote in tan with hair-on and black leather handles and shoulder strap

We just received new Clare Vivier and, in my opinion, it's my FAVORITE!! (Do I always say that!?) - but really this time you can't beat it! I like Celiné just like any other fashion 'freak' but I like these better! you tell me.... (if I don't scoop them all up before you that is...)

Clare Vivier simple tote

Clare Vivier foldover clutch (tan lamba and tan hair-on)

There is something about the hair-on effect (is there another word for this that I am missing... cause I can't think of a better way to explain it!) and in NAVY totally chic as well

Clare Vivier :: navy -hair-on- flat clutch

and somehow, Clare has made the fanny pack cool again... below is a photo of Clare while in New York at fashion week... looking fashionable! This is a GREAT travel tool and hands-free handbag (fanny-bag)

Clare wearing the fanny pack in red...

we have it in BLACK!

And just in case your favorite look is BLACK and WHITE (hey... so is MINE!) then you can take a look at this flat clutch in black and white, hair-on!

Clare Vivier :: black/white flat clutch
click here to shop the Clare Vivier collection - shop soon...!! or I will take it all!