vitamin B-12 boost - have you tried it yet?

actually I got it in my butt... but you should know it's a needle!

The header reads "Feeling run down and tired?" - "YES" I answer. I think I have felt run down since 2001, and I have tried many things to get over this tired feeling. I'm not saying it's like a overwhelming chronic type thing, it's more of something about energy. When I run and exercise I see my levels rise, but you know when you get out of the habit, you expect those levels to still be there but they aren't...

So far, my favorite relief or boost has been from Moxi-bustion/acupuncture (I'm saying the non-exercise version). The only problem is you need to continue the sessions - at least until your energy hits a level that it will maintain on it's own. I did it for a few months and felt great and I wish I could have continued. Then, on a recent trip to California I was talking to a friend who suggested a B-12 shot, and that in fact, they do them at the grocery store near her house that Saturday. Well how could I say no to that! My only reference to a B-12 shot was an episode in Mad Men when all the guys took one and went bonkers... let's just say they are not the same, in the 60's a B-12 shot was filled with hallucinogens, etc... now, it's just plain B-12.

So there I was Saturday at Lazy Acres in Long Beach, CA (it's only one Saturday a month) and this wonderful woman, Dr. Bridget Anderson will give you a B-12 shot (for $30!), you can add-on various things, I added a B-complex which is good for Immune support, adrenal support, muscle repair, heart health and decreased inflammation -- all of which I was having trouble with at the time. I don't know what it is about travel but I am convinced it wreaks havoc on your immune system.

A vitamin B-12 boost should help you with fatigue, memory loss, numbness & tingling, stubborn weight loss and low mood... yes! I want something to fix all that! - I have to say that I think it was a huge help for me, I was so depleted of ALL OF THE ABOVE that I am convinced it helped. And at the very least gave me the attitude to just move on and not even think that I couldn't do it... ALL (you know what I mean when you travel with family, kids, husband... etc..). The effects last approx. two weeks on average, so it is an ongoing thing. My friend is pretty sure that it helps with her sleep, a more restful and deep sleep.

And hey, whatever... it's all the rage says Vanity Fair Magazine and I do everything they say!...

If you are in the Southern California area visit Lazy Acres Grocery Store and the delightful Dr. Bridget Anderson (only in California can you do this in a grocery store! LOVE it!) and give it a go...

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