Arches (not the national park!) - your eyebrows!

Sometimes it's what you DON'T notice that makes a face really beautiful. Recently I was talking to a friend and I was telling her that she looked FANTASTIC, did she just have a vacation? was she on a cleanse? did she just do yoga?... Wow, did she look great! And funny enough, she said she just had her eyebrows done, I could hardly believe that was it! But it WAS, and when she said it and I looked at her brows they looked perfection! To tell all, I asked what did she have done... waxed, dyed and shaped. Honestly, I had completely forgotten about my eyebrows in my facial regime. When I got home I took a look at mine and I was completely surprised, they were all spotty (since I am blonde), didn't really have a shape and practically disappeared.

tatiana patitz

Off I went marching to the Beauty Spa -- and when I asked about my eyebrows she just said, I'll fix them up! We didn't talk about the shape or anything, but I wanted those Tatiana Patitz amazing arches (like my friend had) what I came out with was okay, much better.. but they didn't 'arch'. Then I starting filling them in with a pencil (just a bit) and I got a few comments like... I love your new haircut (when it wasn't cut) and "you look great, what are you doing?"... at the time I didn't even think about it but really it was the eyebrows!

As we get older your eyebrows start to disappear, get spotty, and generally need some attention. You KNOW I'm not into getting made up but if I had to pick two things I need to do it's a tinted moisturizer and pencil in my brows... well maybe some lip tint too... but that's it!

Recently on the goop blog there was a tutorial on eyebrows that was very helpful and answered a bunch of questions that I certainly can't! Click here for that link and you be on your way to beautiful brows! There is also some help from a cosmetics company called "Benefit" they offer a "Brow Bar" at some Sephora locations. It's important to note that you want to tell anyone who is working on your brows that you want them to look NATURAL... today's brow is slightly thick, arched well for your face, follow your natural brow and you really just want to make sure it's nice and clean and full.

Goop eyebrow tutorial click here
Benefit Brow Bar