Pip-squeak Chapeau :: Fall 2013

This is just about the most wearable and easy collection pip-squeak chapeau! -- Everything is made in the USA, in Brooklyn for that matter by hand (with love). This was the easiest photoshoot we have had, it all fit's perfectly, we love the pockets and honestly, it needs no accessorizing! (okay maybe a Clare Vivier bag here and there... (!!) needless to say I want it all - y e s  p l e a s e...

collarless shirt dress w/o belt or...

or with belt... I like both!

yes, this may look like black to you but it is the most gorgeous NAVY! (perfect.)

the monkey dress is a pip-squeak favorite! easy dress throw on.. and GO!

the perfect white shirt in the perfect Japanese cotton!

oops... your clare vivier is showing!

orphan pants, chic and cool.. so far everyone looks fabulous in these!

polka dot pin dot... THE skirt! (a little later it will be worn with boots but for now it's with sneakers!)
shop the collection here at nonchalantmom! (LOVE)

oops one more...

poet shirt. (b-e-s-t)