wantful - just in case you need help this holiday season

I think these guys have it down... A great idea, executed to perfection and all the while keeping it professional and it still somehow has that small feeling, like you are talking to someone. WANTFUL is a website to help you shop for gifts. Visit their website, tell them a little bit about who you are buying for; Friend, Sister, Husband... What do they like? Where would they like to go? Do they like to cook (a lot... or a little?)... then VIOLA! You get a list of 30 - 40 gift ideas for that person (within your budget) - and then - as far as I can tell without actually doing it - they send, in an amazing little catalog to your friend with the ten choices!

this is where it asks you in which houses would the person you are shopping for live in... then does she/he like to cook.. etc..

It also makes it VERY easy to donate to many great causes... and in a really nice way!

It's all very simple, beautiful, and OH so well done! If I wasn't such a wandering shopper myself it would be perfect! I don't know about you but I start EARLY and I like to get that perfect thing for that perfect person... I love to figure it all out! Wantful can easily do that for the person who either doesn't have time to do it themselves or somehow can't!

They also give these small visual stories about some of their items, like here profil: J Schatz who makes those beautiful bird houses you've always wanted! WANTFUL! and there are a bunch more where that came from....

These beautiful bowls.. gorgeous! by Rammy Lee Park, see her story and more!

making shopping more fun! or just shop at NonchalantMom! or BOTH!

LOVE you!

if anyone does this... please tell US about it!!