Favorite HOliday Outfit!

We would like to dispel the idea that sweatpants or denim are okay for Holiday dinner! We are fans of making the day special and looking the part!

Here are our favorite suggestions for the coming Holiday Season:

for the GIRLS:

TUSS - estelle skirt - in red or green tartan :: evelina white shirt :: elvira jacket
TUSS above
TUSS tartan skirt in green
for the BOYS:
TUSS edvin shirt
Well for the boys it's not like they can wear bows and a skirt... so we opt for a nice shirt! lately we like to use a Jacket too.. we have ONE that works for just about every event... its by Makie! (I don't sell them yet but soon..)

PARTY GIRL (a  bit avant garde!)
bobo choses - red floaty printed dress

bobo choses - red floaty printed dress

bobo choses - blue floaty dress w/embroidery
PARTY BOY (a fake bow-tie is better than NO bow-tie!)
Lucky Fish bowtie tshirt
we like the bowtie look with a nice pair of colored jeans - our favorite... ESP no1!

Makie dress - navy corduroy (these days I might pair this with some tights! by Tuss - yellow sneakers by Bensimon)

Makie floral dress
The CALIFORNIA BOY (or the skateboarding boy)
ESP no1 - colored denim (aqua here) :: grey heather stripe boatneck :: grandpa cardigan

ESP no1 - colored denim (cocoa) :: long sleeve pocket T navy

above WITH a nice quilted vest - blue
THE TUTU GIRL (you need ONE of these at every party!)
the Wovenplay Odette tutu
the Wovenplay Massine tutu

OR just add a tutu to just about any outfit you may already have (hint: you can bring this with you and pull it out when the tutu girl just can't be suppressed any longer!)
Wovenplay has two tutu skirt only: the cheval tutu (above) or a ribbon tutu (purple)

or this one-size-fit's-all wrap tutu by Atsuyo et Akiko - in PINK or WHITE or white GAUZE
Go out and ENJOY no matter what you do!!