favorite thing of the week! - Matta Poncho + kids: nico nico poncho!

This week I should just say that our favorite thing is the poncho! We love them for both kids and adults! The are an easy way to keep warm and easily take the place of a scarf.. or even a jacket!  These are my favorites that I have seen anywhere! For adults the Matta Cashmere poncho in black (ALWAYS perfect) and for kids the Nico Nico poncho... we could not decide which pattern we liked the most so we bought all THREE!

nico nico stripe (left) and zig (right) poncho

nico nico zig (left) and grey chevron (right) poncho
 and just a hint... if you are small enough... the size 12 will fit a size womans size small too! (just one of those tricks!) - kid nico nico poncho was $78 now.. it's the favorite thing of the week for $58!

matta Italian cashmere poncho
The amazing soft and cozy Matta poncho - was $350 but now... it's the favorite thing of the week for $260!

For a limited time...
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