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Yes, we have a new face at Nonchalant Mom... I hope you like it!? We do very much, this was an image that it was hard not to smile at! right? This is Franny wearing the Sgt. Peppers fleece jacket by Shampoodle. We took photos of both the kids in this jacket and they LOVED them!! My son won't take his off... he is 8 and that is quite a trick, he is starting to get kind of picky as to what he wears, although he still loves to wear only things from mommy's store! (I feel kind of lucky about that when I see the other kids at school wearing 'red sox' t-shirts and such!) He is the biggest fan of Lucky Fish and nico nico t-shirts alive! (and then both my kids love the 'love is organic denim' jeans).

In an effort to make shopping easier and more effective online we have added image galleries to each of the collection pages so, for example, you can click onto the Lucky Fish page (above) and if you slide your courser across the images at the top and then click -- it will take you to a slideshow. Here we have included more images of each of the pieces so that you can get a better idea of the fit, style and color of each garment. We never pin or tuck things when I photograph them so that you can get the full idea, but what we DO do is I put them in the correct size or slightly small, in theory I would buy the next size up so that they can wear them longer. For instance, I have franny in a size 4 in all of the new images for Fall 2010, she is 42" tall and weighs about 38 pounds - this may give you an idea of the fit, I would probably 'buy' a size 6 because they just fit her now. As far as Sander he can wear anything between and size 6 or an 8, he is 8 years old (tall and skinny).

I hope that this information will be helpful for everyone and please let us know if you have more ideas on how things can work better at Nonchalant Mom! We are always working on making things better, but you know at the same time I just want to keep it simple! We have updated the 'Clearance section' with all new items and remember these are final markdowns and final sale. Before Christmas we will update the Gift section to reflect the new Fall selection... see there is always something to do around here!

I would welcome any comments!

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