nonchalant mom in MARTHA STEWART LIVING!

If you know me you know that I am pretty crazy about Martha Stewart, I could go on and on, but I will tell you just this -- Martha Stewart always inspires me to do something interesting, instead of sitting on my duff, I read her magazine and a million ideas stream through my head about what I can do with my kids, cook for dinner and do to make my house look really GREAT! I owe it all to her (and my scandinavian roots of course!). When I lived in Italy for a few years it's the only magazine I begged my sister to send to me! And then my friend Gunn and I would just pour over them!

Okay, enough.. although I could go on...

This months issue arrived while we were away and my sister in law sent me a text... look at page 88 of Martha Stewart Living September issue... and there, in black and white it says:

nonchalantmom.com - This Rhode Island parent sells chic kids' room accessories and clothing and writes an inspiring blog.   !!!!!!!!

yes, I now feel I have hit the big time - getting a notice in Martha Stewart--I can now retire!! (just kidding!)

It is part of a story on one of the editors homes, Rebecca Robertson has a very inspiring loft in New York City. It's one of those places that you have in your dreams! She has done amazingly creative things with it and I am sure it will become one of those homes you hang on your inspiration board!

One of my favorite images is of the kids room (this particular photo is from a previous issue). The story in the September issue is just a dream!!! Don't miss it! (and then at the end remember your old friend Nonchalant Mom... when she hands out her 'editors picks') -hurray!

click here to visit the martha stewart home design blog... and be inspired!