back to school - Yahoo!

photo via zinwazi

It's probably a week or so into it, or maybe more, but isn't it feeling great--the kids are back to school!! A bit of a rush in the morning (doesn't it somehow bring you back to the days when YOU went to school), then you drop them off at the bus stop or school and say "bye.. bye...". The first time it happened to me I was totally unprepared to have a full day of work! What!? Ship orders, answer emails, write a blog, surf some blogs, research products... and then Lunch! --the day just kept going on... it's just so exciting! And somehow working without interruptions is actually like concentrating, remember that!? Sometimes I even look around to make sure... is anyone there?

For those of you with new babies, we look back to those days with a coo'ing grin, just remember your day will come! I don't want to ruin it for you, so you might have to skip this blog, remember it and come back in a few years! For now though... those of you that just had your drop-off--I am here to make a few suggestions, because you may have forgotten what to do with this time... alone!

1) I like to have a cup of coffee or tea and sit down and skype my friends in Europe! It may take you a few times to get back into it but you can even gossip?! First just because you have the time and second because you have no interruptions; no one asking you what does that mean? or "why are you laughing so loud mom?" you can actually listen to your friend... probably for the first time, in a long time! it's wonderful!

2) This is a terrific time to start a journal, you can take your kids to school, make some tea, get back into bed and write in your journal. Do you have those friends who write down everything that their kids are doing, keeping records and photos together... now... you can do it too! --you have time!

3) I do so much at home, so I have to remind myself that some of you are lucky enough that you can go out, take a walk, and have a coffee and a croissant at an extravagant place and just take it all in.... lovely! (I think I would do that every day if I could!)

4) At our school there are some moms that meet up after 'drop-off' and do a four mile speed walk - you can jump in whenever you have the time and there is almost always someone to go with AND it's an excellent time to meet new parents at the school.

5) If you don't have a job, maybe it's time to go out and get something that will really interest you! I have always wanted to work in a coffee shop, so that my only 'stress' in the day was whether or not I was making a good enough cappuccino! I have a good friend who works in the neighborhood Co-op, what a perfect solution, discount on organic food AND a terrific working environment! Whatever, working or not, it's nice to interact with people again!

6) Get a hobby! Or remember how good you were at knitting years ago! Now you can pick it up and do it again... This is a good time to bring some creativity into your life, try to keep it to something for yourself and not making things for your kids, use this time to focus on yourself and everyone will be happier for it!

Whatever it is just go ahead and take some time for yourself and take care of yourself... if you don't already skin brush... start now... take care of your body and your mind! Make a list of the things you want to do and get out there and DO them! Just remember... don't turn on that TV, just as it sucked you in when you were young... it will do the same now!

have fun! (next I am going to teach you how to surf the internet/blogosphere... properly!)