A chic booster seat - really!?

I really didn't think that anyone was ever going to come up with a chic booster seat, but the folks at 'Clek' are right on top of it! These babies (not your kids, the seats!) are made with 100% USA materials and made to last. The colorful seats (they come in 5 wonderful colors!) are anti-everything, non stain, non microbial, AND they look beautiful. Smart, handy and pretty darn simple.

Not only is the Oobr (what this model is called) good-looking, it lounges back, has a nice headrest for easy napping, but it also converts to a back-less seat when the times comes. This baby (again, not your child) is going to stay with you for some time... depending on the size of your child you can expect your car seat to be with you for about 5-6 years! (think about that when you see the pricetag) so why not keep it smart and looking smart.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety issued a report yesterday with some positive information, saying that car booster seats are making huge strides in making sure that they properly fit children. They gave top rankings (or “Best Bet”) to 21 of 72 booster seats it evaluated for properly restraining children (about 30%). Last year, the Institute only handed out this mark to nine of the 60 seats it reviewed (about 15%). One of the top 5 and “Best Bets” was Clek, the maker of the high design booster and toddler seats.

This baby is not just a pretty face!

click here to find out more about the Clec and the Oobr seat, it also has a smaller brother the backless version called Ollie.