Fall issue of Small Magazine

The new issue of the wonderful small magazine is out now.. and it's gorgeous! with some of my favorite images (how do they keep doing that!) and great ideas - for kids - that are practical yet also just a bit crazy! Not to mention the 'cover' (above) - this has to be my favorite image! (and will go on my inspiration board for sure!)

They also talk about one of my new favorite things... these sweet books by Livre à Illustrer, which I will have at nonchalant mom in December. I had a couple of the books with us on our trip this summer and my kids loved them! They are blank stories in which your kids can illustrate! (I will only have english, but they are also available in French, since the company is French!) Its fun and imaginative play for the whole family..we all got into the act and it was good to see my kids follow through with a project over a series of days and they were so proud of them when they were finished! I am sure you will love them!

Our favorite photographer Emily Ulmer put together a lovely little story for the issue that will inspire you with it's simplicity, showing you that it doesn't take much to create a stunning little image (or even a story)!

I am using Geoff McFetridges potato stamp idea for Franny's birthday party (so when you see me blog about it later you know where it came from!). It's a sure oldie but a goodie trick that I always loved as a kid.

have fun and browse... but certainly, don't miss this issue of small magazine! -click here!