Pierrepont Hicks - POP-up-SHOP for fathers day!

A girl meets a guy and he is from Minneapolis, is how the story goes. Minneapolis being the wonderful place that it is, it became their home and they started Pierrepont Hicks. Meet Kat and Mac the husband and wife team that blazed the way in Menswear with their courageous ties... Rugged Luxury is the way that Mac put it to me!

"Menswear is busy at the moment - bloggers and designers are talking about style in menswear more than ever. The beauty of men's clothes to me is the simplicity thereby the importance in the details: accessories, like ties. Our ties are a bit whimsical in the splashes of contrasting colors and the reverse bows (2 bows in 1). We think there is a movement happening in menswear - in the same sphere as slow food and organic local foods - people are hearkening to an earlier time - when men dressed up a little. A dapper gent feels good and puts out a good vibe. Ties are coming back not only for suits but with jeans or cargo pants. PPH is about RUGGED LUXURY.

Just hanging out with these two (albeit online as I have) and I feel as though I am plugged-in, as they say. They have opened the door for me to some raucous music, interesting blogs and a good amount of sweet stories from their friends (yes, we have friended each other on facebook as well!). I love the way that their lives comes out in what they do and what they make, that's when you know something is right!

The Pierrepont Hicks line of bow and ties are all Made in the USA and will always stay that way, that's important to them. Kat has a history with Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and in publishing with Gourmet and Elle magazines. Mac worked in real estate development and construction for over 11 years. With the birth of their daughter, it was time to embark on this journey and Pierrepont Hicks was created. "We tell our children to follow their dreams, shouldn't we teach by example?" ...now that's someone who is thinking!

Together we are offering the Pierrepont Hicks Spring/Summer collection in a Pop UP shop on Nonchalantmom. I'm so excited to have them here for a visit... and maybe, just maybe, we can ask them to make some ties for ladies... now wouldn't that be some kinda luxury!

visit the Pierrepont Hicks website for more information
visit the Pierrepont Hicks Pop UP shop on Nonchalant Mom


orange sugar home said...

they are adorable. doesn't even matter what they are selling!! :) I was wondering about your tea ritual from your interview with simply lovely. Do you put the tea bags in your tea pot or just the hot water? I wasn't raised in a tea drinking house so this question has always bothered me. Great site and interview.

nonchalant mom said...

hi orange sugar home - nice comment! and re: tea (bags etc) - I know exactly what you are talking about and it depends on your teapot and which kind of tea you are having. I currently have a teapot that boils the water so I then put it in a teapot to steep with the bag. BUT I used to have a teapot that I put on the stove with the teabag in it, but you should wait until the tea has boiled (and it shouldn't be too hot - so this is why many people use the teapot only for water and then a sep. pot for the tea)... does this make any sense!! good luck! - carina!