minneapolis! spring 2010

We took a short visit to my home-state of Minnesota a few weeks ago and it was perfect timing, who thought that in April we would have 70 degree weather and perfect sunshine each day! We managed all those typical Minnesota passtimes....

Fishing on Lake Minnetonka
The Walker Art Center
The Guthrie Theater for M. Butterfly
Mall of America - rides!

and for Earth Day we worked with my sisters family company called Onesta and planted 1,000 trees! I have to say that this was a big highlight, we had so much fun and I really can't believe that we planted so many trees in one day! My sister, her husband, my mom, the kids, myself and two women from the company did it all in ONE day! As a company they have a pledge to plant 5,119 Norway Pine trees (this is how many bottles of shampoo they sold in the month of March!). On April 22nd, Earth Day we planted 1,000 and then they planted the rest on another two plots of land last week.

Here’s some information about the impact of trees on our lives and our planet:
• One acre of trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year. One tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year.

• The amount of carbon stored annually by an acre of trees is approximately equal to the amount released by burning 1,000 gallons of gasoline!

• Trees harbor wildlife, improve air quality, conserve water, reduce storm runoff, and the possibility of flooding and moderate our climate. Trees absorb ozone, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide and give off oxygen.
• In one year, Onesta’s 5119 trees will reduce atmospheric carbon by over 140,000 pounds!

click here for more information on Onesta! (shampoo and conditioner free of all unneeded chemicals and bad stuff!)

Here are some Minneapolis favorites:

-Lakewinds Co-op - they are so lucky to have a really amazing co-op!
-Mind Body solutions yoga center - offers Iyengar yoga!
-The Walker Art Center
- and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden!
-The Guthrie Theater - you can still see M. Butterfly through May! it's amazing!
-French Meadow Bakery - the Macrobiotic plate is delicious! (the healing plate)

these are all of my old favorites...

and the NEW ones are via two of my favorite new Minneapolis people (thank god for their blogs!!)

- Pretty Mommy - Michelle LeBlanc
- Pierrepont Hicks - ties and lots of other chic business by Katherine and Mac McMillan (you will see their ties on Nonchalant Mom very soon with a little Pop-Up-Shop just for fun for Fathers Day!)

Thank you Minnesota for a much needed vacation and so much good to look at! I couldn't stop the amazement with all of the Minneapolis Beauty!!