mothers day!

I hope that everyone had the happiest mothers day!!

We had a wonderful day... kind-of... a beautiful brunch at a friends house and then home to work in the yard a bit, or so I thought... I had bought a rose bush to plant on mothers day and there I was planting it myself, kids playing in the sandbox, husband unloading artwork from his show at Art Chicago...

BUT now I have a lovely rosebush to look at and pick lovely red roses all summer long!!

I always have high hopes for mothers day, and one of these days I will get breakfast in bed, a home-made card from my kids, a lovely gift from my husband, then we will go outside and have a nice day working together in the garden... ho hum... I can dream!!

I did manage to drop everything, go to bed early, with a cup of tea and read my book .. ahhh the simple joys in life!

Happy Mothers Day!


kirsten said...

happy mother's day to you. thank you for making my life as a mother richer with your lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

I was so sad to not get a homemade card from my daughter (who LOVES to make cards). I let my husband know that I don't care about flowers but a homemade card is a must.

Thanks for sharing that your day wasn't perfect either!