mothers day!

I hope that everyone had the happiest mothers day!!

We had a wonderful day... kind-of... a beautiful brunch at a friends house and then home to work in the yard a bit, or so I thought... I had bought a rose bush to plant on mothers day and there I was planting it myself, kids playing in the sandbox, husband unloading artwork from his show at Art Chicago...

BUT now I have a lovely rosebush to look at and pick lovely red roses all summer long!!

I always have high hopes for mothers day, and one of these days I will get breakfast in bed, a home-made card from my kids, a lovely gift from my husband, then we will go outside and have a nice day working together in the garden... ho hum... I can dream!!

I did manage to drop everything, go to bed early, with a cup of tea and read my book .. ahhh the simple joys in life!

Happy Mothers Day!