britt beautiful skin - skin brushing system - class 102

I introduced the Britt Beautiful Skin System at Nonchalant Mom a few months ago, but my sister has been developing it for a few years now and so she has been 'brushing' for quite awhile. She had been doing it a few years before the light-bulb idea went on that she should sell this as a system. So when I was in Minnesota last month we had a little skin brushing summit between the two of us. We are both finding huge benefits, and my personal experience after just two months I felt were very fresh so I wanted to let her know what I thought.

I think that vitality is probably my favorite part of skin brushing, my day is much more focused, I eat less, I finish my projects, and it's hard to explain by my body stays 'warm' or pliable for the entire day and into the evening. My skin is much softer (more on this later). I have moles on my skin and I feel some of them going away (theoretically I don't know if this is really possible but I feel that it is happening) or at least fading. And I also feel that it has helped with my body stiffness (arghhh I'm getting old!).

But I have noticed a few things, I need to drink a lot of water on the days that I skin brush -- it's almost like getting a deep tissue massage and you can almost feel the mucus in your body trying to leave it (your lymph system draining) -- so drinking a lot of water feels really good. I also think that you can't skin brush every day, it's just a bit too stimulating, I think that maybe you can work up to it but starting out just about three days a week is just perfect. Brushing too hard can also send you off on a different day, it's too much stimulation, and may give you a weird semi-headache or just a weird feeling. So keep brushing to a nice soft light brush and if you want to do it harder maybe you can work up to that over a period of a year or so but you will be amazed at the stimulation from a nice soft brushing, I think that going through the system with various brush techniques you will find what works best for you (and I think its good to try subtle variations to see what feels best for you).

When you follow the instructional book (and you need to READ it and not just look at the pictures!) you will find that at first it takes you about 10 minutes and after a few weeks you will be able to quickly breeze though the skin brushing in about 2-3 minutes.

This morning I had a little dream, which is why I decided to write this email, at that time in the morning when you have already woken up about three times; letting the dog out at 6am, kids into our bed at 7am, and a bit of laughing and fighting. I found myself in a deep dream that seemed so real, my friend and I were planting potatoes in a field and she said to me "my skin is so rough and dry" and I felt the skin on her face and it WAS... and then I said "have you been skin brushing?" and then I felt my skin and it was super soft... it was such a funny dream... anyway, woke up late, kids were late for school, etc... It just felt nice to write this email in hopes that you can have soft skin too when you skin brush with Britt Beautiful Skin System!

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