thanksgiving menu!

I'm not so sure about this one but my husband thinks it's a great idea... and I have to say that I always get good ideas from others so maybe you will find something inspiring in our menu, so here it is...

(most of my recipes are from martha stewart, they are very easy and have relatively few ingredients, and some are just our favorites!)

chestnut stuffing
mashed potatoes
jerusalem artichoke gratin (this has become a big favorite!)
braised red cabbage (my moms recipe-below)
brussell sprouts (a family request this year)

pomegranate salad
johnsons temptation (my mom's recipe to follow)

sparkling shiraz punch

pumpkin pie
dried fruit tart
olive oil anise cake
assortment of cookies (already done: my moms oatmeal cookies, chocolate thumbprints, peanut butter kisses for the kids)

As for appetizers we just have simple
nuts and cheese
and I love to make seaweed pate' (previous post)
and bread

please share your favorites and have fun and eat well!
I will post some remedies for eating too much tomorrow!

don't forget to take a walk with your family!

have a great thanksgiving!