styling ideas from nonchalant mom!

we sent out an emailer last week with much fan-fare... I received so many emails about how much fun you'all thought it was that I thought we would add a little bit of a post on some mixing and matching of collections and nonchalant mom styling!

just for fun, this is kit+lili clover printed long sleeve t-shirt, nonchalant kids organic fleece jumper and kice kice knit pants...easy fun and jump over a fence cute!

cutie skirt from rosenberg, nonchalant kids 'waves' t-shirt and makie fleece and tech vest...cool, warm and ready for action!

nonchalant kids 'checks' t-shirt, 1969 vest and favorite pants topped off with a makie fleece and tech jacket -- just in case your kids need to look, cool, warm and all pulled together!

antik batik aris dress together with kice kice hibiscus twill pants (these are great pants that look super fun with just about everything in your kids closet). it says "hey, look mom, I love this!"...

and this is the part where nothing matches...but doesn't it look great anyhow! Tuss wool tunic, kice kice leaf green knit pants, benk soft merino wool mittens and hat (this is actually a look in size 6-12 months...isn't it great! but we have it all the way up to 6 years, sans mittens)

this little beauty is for when you want to look all put together, cozy and warm in makie baby!

have some fun! and look good at the same time ...that's all I'm asking!
with love, nonchalant mom