I love rosenberg!

Anne Rosenberg has jumped onto the scene all on her own (formerly of kragh rosenberg). She has continued the lively prints that we are all in love with and then there seems to be an added edge to her designing, whatever she's done...I love the result! and wouldn't miss it for the world! Her new collection for Fall/Winter 2008 is now available on nonchalantmom. I finally got a chance to talk to her just a bit and I thought this was a good time to introduce more of Anne Rosenberg to all of you!

It seems we have a bit in common,both Anne and I did not study design in school, with a masters degree in religion and art history, Anne took to the road and completed her masters thesis on the Lakota Indians (as which she spent time in South Dakota at the Pine Ridge Indian reservation), Anne stated that, "My education has given me a unique opportunity to learn about different cultures and art in general, which for me is knowledge I now draw from when designing." Most of the time the most talented people that I know in this industry are not the ones that were the best in fashion or design schools but really the ones that struck out on a creative life and kept their eyes wide open and never held their curiosity back one single bit.

She also makes a good point that I totally agree with, she likes to stand back from the typical short fashion life cycle, the Rosenberg collection never gets old, and has that Danish quality of lasting, modern and beautiful design. "What really interests me is the long-haul, the things that stays with you and keeps fascinating you, I always try to get close to this special expression in my designs." While saying this she does explain like most of my friends in this business, that she does work most of the time, but when she is not working she is spending most of her time with her architect husband at their summer house in south of Copenhagen, on Zealand - one of the many islands in Denmark (and YES, I will do my best to provide you with photos if she would ever like to share this piece of the world with us).

In Denmark at this time of year when the darkness is increasing and you need to adjust to staying inside and keeping warm, Anne wanted to share her tea recipe with us that she said might be Indian or Tibetan, or at least she first tasted it in McLeod Ganj, the excile city of the Tibetan Government in northern India.

Ginger Tea

fresh ginger
fresh lemon juice
boiling water

simply take fresh ginger and grate a nice big piece either directly into the cup or teapot and a good amount of fresh lemon juice, honey and water.

yes, I made it right away and it IS a favorite! you will love it.

Thank you very much Anne for sharing so much of yourself with us and we love what you are doing so please keep it coming!!