More Halloween Costumes!

Before Halloween fades quickly into all the other activities the season has in store we wanted to share with you some more of our readers home made costumes.

From Texas we have two very fun and different costumes: For Willa's first Halloween her parents wanted to come up with an idea that was unique. They also wanted something that was girlish without being the standard. For the little babushka's outfit they created a simple a-line dress and a couple of small dolls out of muslin - painting all by hand! Under it all was a white onesie with leggings. Of course the little babushka wouldn't be complete without a hankerchief over her head and a little rouge on the cheeks. She looks so sweet and adorable! And, the attention to detail is fantastic - we hope they keep it as a collectors item and keepsake.

And how about 18 month old Teo in Houston - dressed as El Sol !! We are told that Mom cut a pair of simple white pants while Dad cut and sewed a piece of canvas to create the vest. Teo and Dad then painted the outfit to reflect the colors of light. And those natural curls really make him look like a Sun God! A family friend gave Teo the orange flashlight to round out the theme. We're sure Teo LOVED that!! His mother tells us that he illuminated his face and screamed "uz" - as in luz. A most memorable Halloween!
Thank you to our readers Cassell and Carolina for their submissions. It is wonderful to see so many people making their own costumes. It really does make Halloween so much more personal and all the more fun when the kids have something special that the whole family produced. If you still have some pics of your little one in a home made costume that you'd like to share we'd be happy to add them to our group for others to see! Just title your email 'Halloween Costume.'