a nice time for a good book! (NOT about kids OR babies)

There is something about taking the time for yourself and reading a good book, I think it's important to...well, your sanity! Not to be mean or anything but when was the last time you read a book that was just for you? ...hhhmmm can you even remember! I certainly couldn't, but then I started to read "Girls Like Us" (by Sheila Weller) and all I want to do is read this book! (and yes, I'm still reading it and I started this summer, but at least I'm trying..but I'm loving it all the way!) Girls Like Us an inspiring read and with all that is going on today with womens rights, you get a snapshot of what it was like when women were just starting to exercise those same rights (and in some cases didn't have those same rights) ...not always pretty, but these strong and talented women each handled it in their own way. You will learn so much about each of their music; Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Carly Simon and what their music meant to them. But even more, you will learn about their choices and the very different (but somehow the same) issues that they faced and took on with tremendous strength and pride. The book has taught me that there are always so many unique obstacles placed in front of each of our lives, but if you keep your eyes on the prize and your goals firm you can quietly dominate or as in the case of Carole King, just "take the bull by the horns" and go after your life. This is a very poignant book and I promise you will not want to put it down.

I ran into women on the beach reading "Girls Like Us" this summer and we were instantly friends, just gushing about how much we loved the book, and didn't want it to end. You can visit the website here to get more information if you don't want to take my word for it...but this time, really you should! Put down those baby books and pick this one up for YOURSELF...I promise you will thank me!