salmon pasta!

with all of this talk about omega 3's I had a hankering to make my famous salmon pasta for my family tonight...this is one of those things that I vowed I would not share with anyone because it's so easy and every time I bring this to a party everyone goes crazy and loves it and thinks it's really complicated...but it's certainly NOT! so here goes....

SALMON PASTA - al'la nonchalant mom
preheat oven to 350 degrees

cook pasta as suggested on box (I like to use bow tie for some reason?)

chop a whole leek and put in bottom of an oven safe dish
take a small piece of salmon (we like wild salmon) and place on top of chopped leeks drizzle with olive oil (and just rub to make sure it's all coated) and add a bit of shoyu (or tamari) about 1-2 tablespoons. and then just move around your pan so that the olive oil that has slid off your salmon also coats the bottom of dish to avoid sticking. place in oven and cook however long your fishmonger suggests for the piece bought (usually about 20 mins, but could be more for thicker pieces).

when salmon is done, flip over and take off skin. flake apart with fork, but keep some nice chunks (the above is not my photo, I keep mine with much bigger chunks, but you get the idea!), and combine with the leeks. now toss together with the pasta and drizzle with some nice high grade olive oil, and a bit of salt...there you go!

you can also add a bit of broccoli for some more greens (I would suggest to steam separately) and add with salmon.

don't make too much pasta so it's kind of even with the salmon.

you won't believe how fast your kids will eat this...tonight my son ate his and then proceeded to eat mine...and then had a race to eat his sisters!! wOW!