it's the small things...

sometimes it's the small things in life that make you laugh and smile the most! and when I visited 'the small object' that is just how I felt. I am sure you will see her things very soon on nonchalantmom but for now, check out her shop and give your day a lift! the small object is the cottage industry of a wonderful artist and crafter Sarah Neuburger, she is working out of her 'cottage' in savannah, georgia....and the more you read about her the more is sounds like a dream. there are some wonderful stamps for kids to play with, clothespin dolls, stickers, so why get scooby doo when you can have wonderful stickers from the small object! one more person that is just working on the small things in life!
visit her webshop and be careful you will want to small-ify your life!
her story is a wonderful one so don't be afraid to read the long version. my cart is full so I have to go and finish shopping!