more about kragh rosenberg....

I decided it's time to tell you a little bit more about kragh rosenberg as you see their collection on nonchalant mom so often and I just don't seem to get to talk about them enough! Mette Louise Kragh and Anne Rosenberg started their company in 2004, using their first few patterns and mixing them into amazing items for the home, womens, kids and accessories. Their ming/mingus patterns seem to have an endless life in remixes and flips of color. The influence is definitely Scandinavian, in both their print and styling but there is also a Japanese influence that clearly comes out throughout their collection, in both pattern and styling. Both Scandinavian and Japanese design are very essential and do not usually give way to needless frivolities...just the way we like it!

I don't know either Anne or Louise very well, which is unusual for me...I am pretty good friends with most of the designers that I carry on nonchalantmom, but somehow it just fits with who they are...through reading their press in most of the swank danish design magazines I have the feeling that they are a pretty sophisticated and playful duo...which gives way to their genius! whatever or where ever, their collection for Summer 2008 is much more colorful than ever before...and I really love it! ...and I guess you can say, we just can't do without them!!

thank you Kragh Rosenberg!