mothers day...what will you do?

I had some ideas about mothers day, because we usually like to spend it outside, and although there are always grand ideas, the best way is usually spending the day working in the yard or at the park practicing my t-ball game (ha!)... I always thought it would be fun to take a sailboat ride, do yoga all day, or even go fishing, but alas we are human so we keep it to reality! last year we went to the Brimfield flea market (this year it starts on the 13th of May instead, darn!) and that was quite an event, and I got a swank 3-piece 1970's denim suit...sweet!

this year we are planning on planting flowers all over our yard...just in case bee's need more flowers from our land! and then the big job...a garden! we have been part of a local CSA for the last 5 years but this year, I am going to attempt a garden on my own! yikes! (ok, we have the CSA in our back pocket just in case!) so that's my mothers day wish....kiDS...hoNEY...are you LISTENING!!

I sincerely wish a very happy and simple happy mothers day to all of you mom's and friends!! take a deep breath and just relax (even if there is not the time!!). I have noticed a peak in Margaret Solow necklace purchases...so I KNOW that some of you are getting something special...please share with us how you are planning to spend your mothers day!!