Brain, Child...on vaccines...it's a toughy!

in this months Brain, Child magazine they tackle the very difficult question of vaccines. this is such a hard question for most parents and the way it is posed in their article is 'real life' and I can't help but applaud the fairness in that. the decision to vaccinate or not to vaccinate is one of the back and fourth questions of raising children and I feel as though I could go either way, we felt that as we are a family that travels quite a bit, we decided to vaccinate on a longer schedule, but hey...each person has to decide this for themselves, and this article will highlight the issues. I really liked the way that Sari Weston poses the question and then takes on each point, identifying the concerns for a new parent who has not yet made the decision and offers the space for them to delve into it further. I think that this is what parenting is all about, give me the idea and use your intuition to either take it further or trust what you feel is right, it's why I like the approach of most of the writing in Brain, Child...it takes a serious subject, condenses it into 'mommy time' (Sari put it best by saying " there is only so much science that a non-science magazine can cover").

I think that if you need more information a terrific book is the Robert Sears "The Vaccine Book" will give you a chance to look more completely into much of the subject. if you have read something that was helpful please share it with us! and thank you Brain, Child for taking on a difficult subject and bringing awareness to a controversial subject! (as always!)

click here to request a subscription, it's a good magazine and a good read, you will be happy you did!