the captured portrait - robin resch

when I first took a look at the website of robin resch I was floored by her images. I contacted her right away and begged her to get involved with my website/blog...she captures the kind of look that I treasure in kids, that moment of 'what?' and 'who?' and wonderment! I believe it's not easy to have this eye and this rapport with kids, I have it with my own kids and that's why I use them for my website, but robin somehow shares her warmth with her subjects very quickly and captures that in her images. I love the way that it is the everyday situation that she feels deserves the portrait image, too many times I see portraits of kids that are staged but the fascination with the normal moment is a beauty that becomes a treasure forever.

her background is just as fascinating as her work which is why, I think, she can capture what she does, how she does...and looking at her website you will see her images from living all over the place! She currently lives in Princeton, New Jersey, where she got her Masters in architecture (as a single parent with two small children!) where she is doing work that is a wonderful mix of both photography and design. She is always exploring new ways of presenting her portraits that are as fresh and innovative as the images themselves. From encasing glossy color pictures in plexiglass to platinum toning on smooth watercolor paper, each portrait becomes an artwork in its own right.

robin shared a great new idea that she is currently trying out: get together some parent-friends and their children for a picture party (a la tupperware) and invite robin to make portraits. everyone can share the cost of this dynamic photographer and leave with amazing images! thank you robin for sharing your work and ideas with us!

Her studio is located in Princeton, NJ and visit her website here where further examples of her commercial, architectural, travel and event photography can be seen. A current gallery of children’s portraits can be seen here.