planning a vacation?

it's raining today in rhode island so I was just thinking about planning a vacation...right!? it comes each year at about this time..that wanderlust comes up from within our chilly bodies, wanting that deep warming sun...OK, I'll stop! well, I think that it's not always easy to find a good place that suits both you and your kids, and if you are like us my husband and I also have different ideas about vacationing. I like to lay around in the sun and play with the kids on the beach...veg-out basically, while my husband likes to see EVERYTHING...I guess this makes it interesting for the kids because they get to do both! but finding the right place for both is not always easy. recently, I found this link on the cookie magazine website with links to great family vacation spots. now, I am a fan of cookie, although I think it's a bit over the top, so for a vacation that is over the top I think that they are PERFECT! and in their march issue there are some great ideas on places to go as well.

As Europe becomes more and more expensive for us Americans, there is something in me that still wants to go there...so we have found that renting an apartment or home is a better solution, especially with kids, where a kitchen and room to play becomes important. there is a great website to find good, reasonable, and even fashionable places in exotic (or not so exotic) locations throughout Europe (and almost anywhere actually!) called i-escape. i-escape has great descriptions and from people who actually stayed in these places and really let you know the details...not just fabulous pictures (although they have those as well!). so for your next trip be smart and travel well!

(cute rooftop apartment in paris...only 175/euro a night)


Tyler said...

love the humble abode in paris. great idea. we do something similar when we weekend in chicago with athomeinnchicago.com. the kitchen is a must. nearly 9" of snow today in st. louis and needless to say cabin fever with my toddler! thanks for the post and sunny summer pic to keep me dreaming.

EllieRichellie said...

Lovely blog. . .I agree with you about the Cookie mag travel stuff: we loved the city guides for both Portland, OR and Boston, MA. We also use Travel & Leisure Family a lot. Can't wait to read nonchalantmom again!

Anonymous said...


two words for you:

you know you've always want to! AND its cheap!



Susan said...

Never read Cookie before (or your blog - great!). Thanks for the heads up. Those windows in that Paris apartment - ah...makes me want a bit of rain on an evening to sit on the couch and listen to the sound...(it's raining here on my little ranch house right now but somehow not the same!).

lilou@gmail.com said...

an other idea swapp house!!!