hate that sippy cup? here's an idea!

are you tired of that sippy cup? is your life, or the life of your kids, ruled by whether the sippy cup is clean or not? are you tired of nagging your kids "honey, when can we stop with this sippy cup thing!?" or "honey, you are six years old now and you STILL want to use that cup!?"

well, here is my surprise solution...I had no idea this was going to work but there we were at the store the other day and yes, it was time to buy some new sippy cups and I took my son with me to show him the section that the sippy cups were in...the dreaded BABY SECTION!!! and I said "ok honey, what color do you want?" and he stood there and looked around and said, "I don't want to use a sippy cup anymore!" and that, my friends, was that...it's been two weeks now and only a joking mention to the sippee cup..."can I have a sippee cup? just kidding mom!" HA! there you go!