bubble kids show - NYC

NONCHALANT KIDS F/W 2008/09 (in-store september!)

well everyone I am not packing your boxes today, I am at the Bubble Show in New York showing my Nonchalant Kids Fall/Winter 2008 collection! it's all very exciting and there are some wonderful collections here from all over the world, and they all look great! You will see my favorites here at Nonchalant Mom come September/October and you will also see my new Nonchalant Kids line too! it was a rollercoaster getting this collection ready but I am very happy to say that it is mostly organic, recycled, fair trade and local! (I'll give you all the details later) we did our best to bring you the most interesting and fun collection that is also socially responsible! but don't worry, Rhonda is in-store and working hard to pack and ship everything out as quickly as possible! As we grow, we don't want to forget who or what really matters to us at Nonchalantmom !!


irenehoofs said...

Wish you a SUPERB show! ..irene..xx..

jill said...

Hope you´ll have a great time in NY. Miss you./cousin jill sweden/

MamaAngel said...

it was so great to meet you at the show! we had a great time and i was amazed at how talented everyone was at the show and how many moms were there exhibiting. very inspiring!

angel (from babybearshop)

Anonymous said...

cannot wait to see your collection, am loving the little I can see in the photo, especially the purple!