karen Karlström

I am so happy to announce that finally karen's website is now live and beautiful! I have had so many requests about karens pillows...and this was all well worth the wait, so come see for yourself here. Karen is really one of those talented friends that everyone needs, she keeps her inspiration going and changing, so I always have to try to keep up with her! but at the same time karen stays true to her own design guidelines...modern, chic and a definite sense of charm together with an artisan quality. karen has written quite a few blogs for you here at nonchalant mom and honestly our friendship, and egging each other on, is something that gave me the spark to start nonchalantmom!

karen is super talented, but you can see that for yourself when you visit her website! page through her completely unique pillow designs and warm up to the wonderful world of kKarlström
(she calls it kkarlstrom, instead of kdeco as I have on my website, so these two are one in the same!). karen and I met when we both lived in san francisco, then became friends when we lived in Italy, and she now lives in switzerland together with her italian/swedish husband and their sweet little daughter (yes, she is the perfect travel partner....speaking about five languages!) ...thank you karen and good luck to you with your website!