earth day!

yes, this weekend is earth day! and this is a great way to educate your kids on our troubled earth...it's easy to talk to them about the simple things like recycling, pollution, living green and how each of us can make a difference. I think it's good to bring it down to our day to day existence, but earth day is a great time to pitch in on one of the big clean-up projects going on in your community. I think that a great place to start is ask your local co-op; what they are doing? and JOIN IN! it's also as simple as cleaning up trash that shows up after a long winter along the side of roads in your neighborhood.

there is a wonderful music event going on in many cities and you can visit green apple music festival to find out more and if your area is included in the fun! or if you are feeling especially empowered to make a difference and look out for the new world ahead pick up 'Cradle to Cradle :: remaking the way we make things' by William McDonough
& Michael Braungart...it will surely give you a better outlook and inspire yourself (it's always nice to read something like this in the spring season, it makes it all the more empowering).

whatever you do this earth day make sure you teach your kids the good, green way and who knows....they might grow up to be the person who has the answer to it all! our generation of children are supposed to be especially gifted with with answers.