my favorite blog! bkids....

if you are wondering where I get my inspiration from you will be happy to know about bloesem kids! or bkids as she calls her spin-off blog from wildly popular design blog 'bloesem'. bkids creator and voice is irene hoofs, yes, those dutch really have it! I will follow irene anywhere! and she can take you along too...it's a spectacularly edited trip into truly amazing design for kids...bkids is my homepage and I visit any time that I have a moment.

once in a while she will write an in-depth blog about a subject; be it very special books for kids (that obviously have a serious design angle), a trip to amsterdam (that made us want to make the trip with our kids), knitting (her special hats and booties!) and so much more!

and she has enlisted special help from her friend arounna khounnoraj who craftily executes creative projects for kids that we never miss! I love this weeks, which is a 'found object mobile!' it was really fun and my kids went crazy for it! so click on her blog (often) and you will be inspired to create and just look at good things for kids! thank you irene and arounna! and don't ever quit!