yoga for your body AND mind!

if you are serious about yoga you usually have a yoga guru of your own, I would like to give you a chance for you to try out my yoga guru...karin stephan. I have been following her practice for about 8 years. there are so many reasons that I love karin and I could go on and on but I really feel like nonchalant mom is about introducing new ideas, look into karin for yourself here and I will keep it at that! for those of you in new york city karin teaches classes at the iyengar institute from time to time and you can see her schedule here. but for those lucky folks who live in the boston area you can practically go when you wish! there is an upcoming workshop on 'the advanced studies course in the art of yoga and therapeutics and healing' february 16th - 21st and I will be going for the day on the 16th (see the class on the 16th here) so if you want to join me...let's sign up (the 16th is on 'alignment and the asymmetric body')!!

you can read much more about karin if you check out her yoga macro website here
she also runs a bed and breakfast, so if you want to come for the day you can stay with her and she offers a macrobiotic breakfast. and don't be surprised when she peppers her classes with her very interesting 30 year background in the study of Mr. Iyengar's yoga teachings. Karin is fascinating as much as she is an elegant and insightful yoga teacher, and her inclusion of macrobiotics and internal organs makes her classes so incredibly ....whole! you will not be let down...I guarantee it!
I would also like to add that I went to one of karins retreats on cape cod after I had my first son, it was my first trip away from him when he was almost 2 years old, and it really brought my mind and body back into itself and made me much more clear. I really feel as though it makes me a stronger parent because my mind is stronger as well as my body and it also feels so very good to look after yourself sometimes! ...you know what I mean!