indoor tent!

this is our remedy for rainy afternoons, and then they somehow spill over and last a few days! we make them super deluxe with a light inside (we like to use our favorite ikea red light, it makes everything red!), a cushy mat on the floor (also just happens to be from ikea, the gym mat), and lots of pillows! eating lunch or a snack in the tent is very exciting, I usually leave it outside the tent door and then make them come and get it... it's all part of the game! and let me tell you, these can lead to at least two or maybe even three hours of uninterrupted peace and quiet for you! ha!

so let the mess slide and get into it! my husband and I have different styles of tent, I use lots of furniture around the edges (the higher the better...kids table on it's side...etc.) and then find your biggest blanket (usually two) and lay them over the top, this is where your king size will come in handy. it's very important that you seal off any sources of light, and a food window is always fun! sometimes we pretend the kids are animals and they are in their cave, but then you have to chase them a bit...just make it up and do it different every time! have fun!