baby creams, oils, and all that goes with it....

I think that babies bring to most families an acute awareness of all things natural and organic, because, let's face it we would never want to put anything bad on our babies skin...and I am here to tell you there are some crazy bad things out there, just read a bottle of johnson's baby lotion...yikes! it's a like a list of things you don't want for your new babies bottom. the good news is that there are some good things out there, and many of them have been around for a long time and are tried and true, like, my favorite weleda! aahhh...and the next time someone tells you that lotions need parabens to be stable, ask them why weleda products don't!? hhhmmm....you will see eyebrows cross and faces grind.

Weleda has been around for 86 years, and invented the word biodynamic®, which means working/farming in cycles and harmony with nature. their products are not only organic but are hand picked and grown biodynamically. visit their website and subscribe to 'we' their quarterly magazine and you will be teaching your friends some new tricks!

In our house there is very frequent massaging going on and we use their calendula oil, lotion and cream for irritated anything! the kids toothpaste is the best! and the nursing tea is the only tea I trusted to help my milk flow and make it all just the more comfortable (I also used it to help in milk production at times when I needed it, for example when traveling), we even used the cream for mild eczema and it works wonders! an infants skin is five times thinner than adult's so you must take care with what you are putting on it because it is readily absorbed (how is that for a clear picture of why NOT to use chemicals and additives). and this should also encourage you not to use these things for yourself, now I hope that I have encouraged you to become a label reader if you are not already one...take a look at your makeup...yikes!...we use the whole line of weleda products for the entire family and their chic colorful packaging is really the best! when you travel throughout europe you will see a much more extensive product line so stock up! and watch your skin, hair and body radiate with happiness and say thank you to weleda!

I am going to the weleda spa for my birthday next week so I will be sure to write a full report on my visit..boy, have I been waiting for this!!