new space!

I have to admit...I am a little nervous to show you this, but I wanted you to know why I have not been posting much lately! (and maybe your orders may have taken a little longer than our usual snappy service) we moved our space down the street and we REALLY love it!! happy as clams, we are back to work but still searching for some things! (we also found some treasures in the move too...) as you can imagine organizing is not one of nonchalant mom's 'passions' but we are getting there! and we've come a long way from our guest house in 2004!! ...with spring/summer arriving quickly from everyone we are gearing up and ready to go!

this is dana in our old space packing boxes...


Babs said...


Driving by your new location on Saturday I pointed up to your future space to show Tom and saw activity through the window! Yeah! Such nice big windows!


robin said...

congrats on the new space...it's awesome! ps. LOVE all your new stuff for spring....especially that makie dress.

Gunn said...

It looks wondeful !
I am proud of you. Your babysister,G