togo - for kids!

I had to comment because I just found about the togo for kids! (yes!) we are big fans and you may have seen our togo in the background of many of the photos on nonchalant mom...did I say how much we love it! so far it has been through the ringer, it is always part of the massive tent that we make in the living room AND my kids jump over it (...on it) regularly, it's also been sneezed on (you know what I mean!), spilled on and much worse (I know...you are just making a point to never come to visit!) but the togo somehow still looks fantastic! so from my lips to your ears...these are a super choice and they look GREAT in your futuristic, swanky, hang out pad...I'm only kidding, I think they are great with almost any decor! here is the basic information and you can get more information from the ligne roset website - the Togo comes in two sizes: baby togo, for ages 2-4 or dolls.. ($485) and mini-togo, for ages 5-12 ($680) it sounds steep, but they are great!