happy valentines day!

it was 6:00 pm the night before valentines day and we realized that sander needed to have valentines day cards for school...(ooops..we didn't do this last year in montessori school?!) so, have no fear, computer graphics are here! we whipped up these cards super fast (he picked out the picture and the font and a little wing ding, he likes the ying/yang symbol right now!) we all decided that 'be my valentine' was the way to go, and as we like to say in our family...tA-DaaAAAh!


here are the basics:
you will need quark or inDesign, pick out a photo and add the wonderful valentine message of your choice (we used bauhaus font)...I am sure that other people know where to get a better wing ding, but we couldn't find a heart in our short deadline (bedtime), so we opted for a ying yang, give it a red square background and print into heavy matte paper. glue red construction paper onto the back, cut out (maybe in heart shape?!) and whola! your kids can help with cutting, gluing, looking for images (my kids love that part the most! they want to use them all!), we also added some cut-out hearts that we glued on to each card...

this was much more fun that going out and buying cards, grandparents will flip over these home-spun keepsakes! and if you don't have a computer...cut-out cards are so much fun...you just need to plan ahead a bit! good luck and have fun!