Many Moons - Vol. 2 July - December 2016

The new Many Moons workbook is IN STOCK! Just a few copies left! This book has changed so many things for me, she makes it easy to follow along and work on things at your own pace. I love to read about what the moon brings to us each month, it's obviously such a powerful planetary force. It has an effect on our moods, our menstruation, and our relationship to others AND ourselves. I truly feel if we work with the moon to bring into focus our thoughts and desires it only strengthens the chances of them to become a reality.

Sarah will help you to find what you are looking for by asking questions which you can write down in your workbook to keep forever. You can watch as your relationship with your needs and desires gets stronger. She will help you focus on what your heart is telling you and I feel I live more peacefully, day to day, using her book to help guide me.

I love her ceremonies, and can't imagine life without them. It has made meditating easier for me (could never do it before) and it makes me take a a special moment for me and the moon when we get together to cast a spell of love and peace!

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happy Magick!