Food 52

Recently, a friend of mine gave me a copy of the Food 52 - Genius Recipes and I am just crazy about it! I immediately started making things from their wonderful recipes. Each recipe is from a list of greats like Julia Child (I just made her zucchini gratin with my overload of zucchini from the farm), Hervé This on chocolate and so many more... Last night I made the Hervé This Chocolate Mousse that is simply made with water (it's a Molecular thing)... it turned out incredibly amazing!

So obviously you can see a trend here... Food 52 goes on my list with recipes from Martha Stewart, Ottolenghi and the Fat Radish cookbook as my favorites! They also list my go-to summer recipe that I use for just about everything during the summer. Their Toasted Orecchiette with Zucchini, Corn, and Crème Fraîche recipe is one what I thought I created, but I guess not, but I make it all summer long with whatever vegetables I have on hand. Lately I have taken out the pasta part and just make a nice grilled fish, tofu or sausages and then serve with vegetables made in this simple way, with a bit of crème fraiche, pepper and lemon to make them more interesting.

Then I found that Food 52 has everything! Their website is a bit like a Crate and Barrel for the kitchen only, with EVERYTHING for the kitchen, cook books, and well just believe me when I say EVERYTHING you could ever want in a beautifully photographed website (and NO I do not work for them! haha). My reason for writing this blog was not to talk about the food, but I have a hard time not going there... but to tell you that whatever I don't have for kids, they have on their website! They have great kitchen-type things for kids and it's a great place to get lovely gifts for that budding Chef in your family! Just cute as can be.... link to kids here.